The needs of our Jewish community won’t end in five years, in twenty-five years or in one hundred years. But you can help future generations of Jews meet the challenges of the future.  A planned gift to the Jewish Federation will extend a helping hand to your children, your grandchildren and future generations of Jews by strengthening the Jewish Federation’s ability to support those services and organizations, values and traditions that you have supported and found crucial to Jewish life. You cannot predict the future, but you can trust Federation to apply the income from your legacy to the important needs of the day.

Whatever your annual gift amount, you have the ability to preserve your contribution as a permanent legacy to the Federation.  And there is enormous flexibility in structuring your Jewish Legacy. You can endow all or part of your gift to Federation’s annual campaign, so that your campaign gift will continue in perpetuity. You can choose from a variety of methods to leave a bequest that will not in any way affect your current lifestyle, but will affect and enrich the lives of future generations of Jews by mitigating some of the inevitable needs and emergencies.

Please join us in making a provision for the future of the Jewish people. The obligation is ours. The options are yours. 

For more information about creating a legacy, please contact Jason Pressberg, 704.944.6758.

The following donors have created a legacy to provide for future generations.
(as of March 14, 2019)

Anonymous (8)

Stanley and Judy August

Amy Augustine

Craig and Jill Balick

John and Gail Baron

Sanford and Lois Benjamin

Alan Kronovet and Cary Bernstein

Andrew and Elka Bernstein

Donald and Barbara K. Bernstein

Samuel and Nancy Bernstein

Brian and Glenda Bernhardt

Marty Birnbaum

Barry and Lisa Blau

Jill Blumenthal

Lee Blumenthal
Philip Blumenthal

Michael and Lenora Borchardt

David and Bonnie Bornstein

Justin Bregman and Diana Warth Bregman

Larry and Tracy Brown

Richard and Suly Chenkin

Steve and Olivia Cohen

Wendy W. Cohen*

George and Andrea Cronson

Arlene and Gary* Davis

Michael and Jill Dinerman

David and Aleen Epstein

Barry and Mary Ellen Ezarsky

Stephanie Gitlin

Matthew Luftglass and Meg D. Goldstein

Milton and Arlene Goldstein

Leon and Jennifer Golynsky

Michelle Goodman

Bill and Patty* Gorelick

Marcelle Gorelick

Todd and Stacy Gorelick

Danny* and Fay* Green 

Stan Greenspon

Josh and Jodi Greenwald

Bonnie Hart

Stephanie Haynes

Andy and Christy Horwitz

Jonathan Howard

Donald and Susan Jacobs

Robert and Leigh* Jacobson

Florence Jaffa

Andrew and Dana Kapustin

Robert and Nancy Kipnis

Richard and Paula Klein

Barry and Lorrie Klemons

Jaime and Elise Kosofsky

Eric and Susan Lerner

Gary and Donna Lerner

Mark and Alison Lerner

Harry Lerner

 Jerry and Barbara Levin

Ross C. Levin
Julie Lerner Levine

Kevin Levine and Louis Sinkoe

Leon and Sandra Levine

Ellis Levinson

Hal and Holly Levinson

Samuel and Linda Levy

Marc and Laura Lewin

Sue Littauer

Abraham* and Rose* Luski 

Scott and Pam Menaker

Laura Milgrim

David and Risa Miller

Ed and Jill Newman

Richard J. Osborne

Allan and Marcelle Oxman

Floyd and Brenda Patten

Larry and Dale Polsky

Jason and Casey Pressberg

Steven and Melissa Raphael

Anita Rounds

Andrew and Jennifer Rosen

Marvin and Elaine Schefflin

Michael* and Sara Schreibman

Larry Schwartz

Melvin Segal

Linda Seigel

Amy Seitlin

Bobby and Stacey Selkin

Michael and Anne Sinsheimer

Eric and Lori Sklut

Ira and Stacey Slomka

Steve and Emily Snyder

Joseph and Renee Steiner

Stephanie Townsend

Jeffrey and Karen Turk

Ross and Amy Udoff

David and Debra Van Glish

Michael and Judie Van Glish

Liz Wahls

Diana Warth 

Elizabeth Star Winer

Kim and Sue Worrel

Anne and Bob* Yudell

Joe and Marisa Zeibert

Sam and Emily Zimmern

Bill and Angie Zimmern

*of blessed memory